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Money Saving Tips For Buying A House

Money Saving Tips For Buying A House

Packing boxes, moving furniture, renting out a moving truck, transporting the kids, and not to mention making sure your new home is just what your family needs –– buying a new house is an exciting but stressful moment in life and can often put a damper on your bank account. There are many things besides general budgeting and planning that save you money and make the process stress free when purchasing a new home.

Read below for tips on how to purchase your dream home without spending all of your money:


  1. Use an experienced real estate agent. A good realtor saves you time and money. Their expert experience and knowledge allows them to negotiate and get the best deal on your potential future home. Having an experienced real estate agent ensures your home-buying process goes smoothly.
  2. Increase your credit score. When applying for a mortgage, a lender checks your credit to know whether or not to approve you. Building your credit score before purchasing a house allows for a better loan.
  3. Purchase a home in the right season. Some houses go for less depending on the season it is purchased in. Doing research on what season is best for purchasing a home in your desired area ensures you receive the best price possible.
  4. Get a house that needs some work done. Everyone always looks for a house that comes with custom features and the newest updates. However, newly updated houses cost a lot more than a home that needs minor fixes. Finding a home that meets your needs rather than your wants will save you money that you can put towards adding custom fixtures, paint and a personal touch.
  5. Get the right type of mortgage loan. There are several different loans for different situations. Some loans offer no down payments while others offer low interest. If you are unsure about what mortgage loan is right for you, consider contacting a professional mortgage lender.
  6. Start saving for the down payment. Down payments can range up to 20%. Saving ahead of time will make sure you don’t empty your bank account right away when purchasing your new home.

For more information on money saving tips for buying a house from Sheryl Rohen at Top Flite Financial, please contact her here or call her directly at 616.437.7192.

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